Season 2016/17

Season 2016/17 is now complete. Keep a look out for further news about the upcoming season on our Facebook page and the website.

We at Barracudas welcome both competitive and social/fun/second sport players within our club.  In accordance to our mission and as indicated on our website, we strive to professionally deliver the sport to all levels of participants.


Junior A Grade Teams and B Grade Teams

As in previous years we expect to field some age groups with both A and B teams.

We are in a position where we are refining our club policies and ensuring the implementation of these policies. We understand that this may alter how things have been done in the past but due to our mission of striving to professionally deliver the sport to all levels of participants we are always working to continually improve.


Junior A Grade Commitment

Due to past issues with athletes not being able to fulfil their commitments to the team we are clarifying the expectations of athletes in these divisions.

A division teams will have training twice per week and B division teams once per week.

All members will have access to swim for polo, as well as an additional general skills session where multiple age groups will train together.

If additional training is wanted there is the Barras Academy to boost your individual skills and Barras members get priority access to booking due to the regular selling out of Academy sessions.

Water Polo is a team sport and in the past few years we have had teams not reach their potential. Some athletes in these teams were not fully committed to the team and prioritised other activities.

At Barracudas we support children playing other sports or being involved in other activities but this has caused significant disruptions to teams in the past. The athletes who fully commit to their team and the sport must not be disadvantaged and our priority must be to the overall club.


Playing Own Age Group

We have athletes who seek to play in teams above their age bracket and although we encourage players to challenge themselves it cannot be to the detriment of their own age group. When there is a team participating in an athlete’s age group the club policy is that the athlete must trial in their current age bracket before trialling in additional teams. The only exception will be if the Club decides there is an exception required or that the player is already playing in their own age group for another Club/School and we will require written confirmation from the other Club of this.

This ensures the Barracudas develop more competitive teams and teaches athletes to work with their team mates to further develop their individual and team skills.  The flow-on effect is that the better players improve their skills from assisting their team mates.


Three Year Rule

WPA and now BWPi have implemented a rule that restricts athletes to play to a maximum of 3 years above their age.

Water Polo Australia’s wording is “Players may not be more than 3 years younger than the target age”. In the table below, you can see that 2005 born players may play up into U13 & U14 after playing their own age group. 2002 born players can only play up into U16 as the U18 age group only includes 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Age Group (in 2016/17 season) Eligible to Play (Year of Birth)
U12 2005 2006 2007
U13 2004 2005 2006
U14 2003 2004 2005
U15 2002 2003 2004
U16 2001 2002 2003
U18 1999 2000 2001

As a Club we have a responsibility to select teams based on the age of the players, their skills and commitment to the team.  We expect that all players will play in their own age group and we will aim to accommodate players seeking to play up two further age groups if possible.

We trust this clarifies the selection process and the basis for selecting teams.  If you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Junior Girls or Junior Boys Coordinator in the first instance, but please understand that all of our Committee roles are volunteers who also work full-time so please be patient and understanding of time constraints for our Volunteer parents.


Barracudas Water Polo Club Committee