Club President

The President is the principle leader of the Barracudas Water Polo Club and has overall responsibility for the Club’s administration.

The President sets the Annual Committee Agenda (consistent with the views of members), helps the committee prioritise its goals and then keeps the committee on track by working within the set framework. At the operational level, the major function of the President is to facilitate effective committee meetings.

Responsible to:
The President is elected by the Barracudas Water Polo members and responsible for representing the views of the Club members.

Responsibilities and Duties:

The President should:

  • Manage committee meetings;
  • Manage the annual general meeting;
  • Represent the club at local, regional, state and national levels and sustain and grow relationships with WPA, WPQ, BWPI and other stakeholders;
  • Play a leading role in ensuring the Management Committee and General Committee, through effective delegation, are empowered to undertake the necessary tasks required for their roles to achieve effectiveness and harmony;
  • Provide ongoing input to the strategic direction of the Club;
  • Act as a facilitator for club activities;
  • Ensure planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the wishes of the members;
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for the Club’s members and it’s volunteers.

Knowledge and Skills Required

Ideally the President is someone who:

  • Can influence stakeholders
  • Can communicate effectively
  • Is well informed of all organisation activities
  • Is aware of the future directions and plans of all members
  • Has a good working knowledge of the constitution, rules and the duties of all office holders and committee members
  • Is a supportive leader of all the Club’s members.

Estimated Time Commitment Required & Period of Appointment
The estimated time commitment required is 2 hours per week.