Details of the insurance provided by WPA is available on the WPQ Website;

Public and Product Liability

The Certificate of Currency identifies the Parties Covered by the Public & Products Liability; this includes Barras and our Training Facilities.

Personal Accident

Website outlines coverage – it does cover 

a) Playing in official matches

b) Engaged in organised training or practice sessions for Water Polo

c) Traveling directly between activities in 1 or 2 above and the person’s normal place of residence or place of employment

d) Staying away from your residence during a tour for the purpose of participating in representative matches and/or other games of the Insured

e) engaging in administrative or organised social activities of the Insured


Claim form link and contact details for claims are included on the WPQ Website (Link above).

Attached also is a list of Frequently Asked Questions provided by the insurer.

Incident Report(s)

For incidents that occur during matches, ensuring the Officials complete and Incident Report will assist with any claim(s) that may arise.

If an injury occurs during club training or similar sessions please ensure it is reported to coach and age group coordinator as soon as practical.

Temporary Membership

We will be developing a temporary membership form or registration via WPA at no cost for athletes who attend come and try sessions – this will ensure there is no ambiguity as to whether they are covered. We previously covered this via a Jotform. 

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