Our standard uniform items are available via the Delfina Website.

PW: barras

To assist with managing minimum manufacturing quantities the shop is open for a period of time and then closed again. It is currently open till the end of August, and we will re-open it again closer to the Start of the Summer Season.

Training and Other Items

We do utilise the shop to provide an interface to pay for training and other programs during the season.


For all queries please contact th club via the Website Contacts Tab

Direct Debit Details

Barras Bank Account Details for Direct Debit are included at this Link > Link to Bank Account Details

Online Payment Fees

Fees for online payments (via Paypal) are 2.6% + $1.63 AUD per transaction (as at July 2022). Of this:

2.6% + $0.30 goes to our payment gateway (Paypal).

$1.33 goes revolutioniseSPORT, and covers ongoing maintenance, development and integration of the payment system.

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