Member Protection Info Officer

Member Protection Information Officer

The Member Protection Information Officer (“MPIO”) is a person trained to be the first point of contact for a person reporting a complaint under, or a breach of, the Water Polo Australia “National Member Protection Policy”.

This person will provide impartial and confidential support to the person making the complaint.

Please note that the following Codes of Behaviour are included in the National Member Protection Policy in Part B and all members and spectators should read these policies prior to participation in Water Polo.

• Attachment B1: Coach Code of Conduct
• Attachment B2: Official Code of Conduct
• Attachment B3: Player/Athlete Code of Conduct
• Attachment B4: Administrator (volunteer) Code of Conduct
• Attachment B5: Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct
• Attachment B6: Spectator Code of Conduct

You can contact our MPIO by emailing and requesting the current contact details. All complaints will be treated with confidentiality.

Please read our Bullying page for a better understanding of the issues.


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