Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Dealing with issues

The Junior Girls/Boys Coordinator has the ability to make the final call/decision on any of the issues that may be raised in conjunction with the Coaching Director. In many instances, they will be the “neutral” party and can make an informed decision and communicate this clearly with both parties. It is the club policy that in most cases, for issues such as game time, selections, feedback and other water polo related issues, that the club will support the decision of the coaches. In cases involving duty of care breaches (for example but not limited to bullying etc.), the Coaching Director and President must be notified immediately and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Athletes/parents have an issue with coach/manager/team/etc

The first point of call for those with an issue is the coach and/or manager. If this is dealt with correctly, most issues are resolved here without further conflict.

If the issue is not resolved, the complainant is requested to put in to writing their issue and expectations to the Junior Coordinator.

If the Junior Coordinator can not resolve this issue it is to be passed on to the Coaching Director.

Meetings with athletes who want feedback – when does someone else need to be present?

Initially the coach should request that the athlete request feedback in writing. This gives both the coach and athlete time to consider the questions and answers and minimises the chance of misunderstanding. Speak with the coach and manager to discuss the situation. If the coach is a junior coach, recommend discussing with Coaching Director prior to meeting and ensure they are prepared.

If the coach is under 18, the Junior Coordinator and/or Coaching Director must be present.

The coach and athlete must not be alone in a room or in a location where the position of power can be questioned.

Complaints Process



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