Table Duty

Table Duty

For each game both teams are required to provide someone for table duty to take on the role of Secretary or Timekeeper. 

As part of the WPA Education Curriculum they have developed a Competition Official Module.  Whilst not mandatory for Brisbane Competitions, this formal accreditation is required when particpating in the AYWPC and we encourage all our members to complete this course.

Fore more details and steps to complete follow this link >  Competition Official Module

We have compiled some information associated with each of these roles; 

BWPI Clocks

Refer Video at the attached link for details on how to operate the clock units at use around Brisbane.  These were new during Summer 2018-2019.

Link to Clock Video (One-Drive)

Sample Scorecard

A sample scorecard is included as an attachment with commentary on the card components.



Files available for download


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