Blue Card

Blue Card

(Updated 15th October 2023)

All our managers, coaches and parent volunteers are required to hold either a Blue Card (Paid or volunteer) or appropriate Exemption Card.

Please note a person must be issued with a valid blue card before they can commence Child related activities with the Club.

Application Process

  1. The volunteer goes to the blue card services website and registers for an online account.\bluecard Registration is a one-time process. A volunteer will need to validate their identity using their Customer Reference Number (CRN) from the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). A CRN can be found on a driver’s licence or proof of age card.
  2. If successful, the volunteer will receive an online account number. Please send an email to with your full name, date of birth and reference number or Blue Card Number and the type of Blue card you are issued with i.e. V for volunteer, P for paid and E for Exemption.
  3. This number will be used to link you to the University of Queensland Water Polo Club. The volunteer will be notified via SMS or email of the successful link.
  4. Blue Card Services will receive and process the application. Most online applications for people with no police information should be processed within five business days. It might take longer if further information is required or if we receive police or disciplinary information.
  5. Blue Card Services will notify the applicant of the outcome (successful or unsuccessful).

Volunteer Renewing

If a volunteer is already linked to the University of Queensland Water Polo Club and you renew before your card expires, you may continue child-related work while your renewal application is being processed. Please complete and return your renewal on time.


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