Development Manager

The Development Manager is responsible for providing strategies for increased participation within the Club with particular focus on Under 12’s and player pathways.

Responsible to:
The Club Development Manager is responsible to the President and is part of the Management Committee.

Responsibilities and Duties:
This position should:

  • Contribute to the strategic direction of the Club;
  • Oversee and review current programs to ensure they are in strategic alignment with Club goals;
  • Develop programs for the recruitment and retention of members at the entry level of the Club, ie. U12 program – which may include the employment of a Project Officer to implement the program;
  • Oversee the development pathways between Juniors, Seniors and National League;
  • Advocate on behalf of Barracudas within WPQ, WPA and Queensland Academy of Sport;
  • Liaise closely with the Barracudas National League regarding development pathways and general communication;
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for the Club’s members and it’s volunteers.

Knowledge and Skills Required
Ideally the Club Development Manager has:

  • A strong background in water polo either as a player or coach;
  • Can communicate effectively;
  • Can negotiate effectively with stakeholders;
  • Is aware of the current environment of water polo in Queensland;
  • Is a strategic thinker.

Estimated Time Commitment Required & Period of Appointment:
The estimated time commitment required will be 2 hours per week.