Equipment and Club Room Coordinator

The Equipment and Club Room Coordinator is responsible for the supply, maintenance, storage and security of Club Equipment.

Responsible to:
The Equipment and Club Room Coordinator is responsible to the President and Management committee and will report directly to the Treasurer. They will liaise with the Junior Coordinators regarding equipment needs

Responsibilities and Duties:
The Equipment and Club Room Coordinator should:

  • Organise Club Room clean up working bee in off season and prepare an inventory of Club Equipment;
  • Enlist the assistance of Team Managers to ensure that the Club room is kept tidy and orderly over the course of the season –
    potentially provide a Club Roster to Managers;
  • Recommend annual equipment purchases of balls, caps, cap rings etc to Management team;
  • Ensure the security of all equipment;
  • Ensure assets such as goals and time clocks are in working order prior to competition;
  • Allocate caps and balls to team managers and record and maintain an equipment register in Drop Box ;
  • Distribute State/National Caps to appropriate Managers for tournaments and ensure they are returned and securely stored;
  • Liaise with Head coach and Junior coordinators regarding the purchase of new equipment. Requests to be authorised by Committee;
  • Recommend any upgrades and room improvements to the Executive Committee;
  • Ensure the Club Room is kept clean and safe for members;
  • Ensure all equipment is returned at end of season.

Knowledge and Skills Required
Ideally the Equipment and Club Room Coordinator:

  • Is well organised;
  • Can communicate effectively.

Estimated Time Commitment Required & Period of Appointment
The estimated time commitment required is approximately 2 hours per month if roster system is working.

Tools and Resources
Team Roster