Grants and Sponsorship Coordinator

The Grants and Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible for the preparation and submission of funding grants and for providing leadership and advice on potential and existing sponsorship arrangements.

Responsible to:
The Club Grants and Sponsorship Coordinator is responsible to the President and the Barracudas Management team and reports directly to the Treasurer. He/she works collaboratively with the Marketing Coordinator.

Responsibilities and Duties
The Grants and Sponsorship Coordinator should:

  • Liaise with WPQ Clubs Coordinator regarding funding possibilities and state wide initiatives;
  • Produce a consolidated list of all possible grants and funding streams available for the club;
  • In consultation with the Club President and the Management Team, generate a list of strategic priorities and needs that align with possible funding targets;
  • In collaboration with the President, prepare the applications for grants and funding that best align to the Clubs needs;
  • Together with the Treasurer, effectively acquit any Grant funds received and produce a report to the Management Team;
  • Provide leadership and advice around current sponsorship arrangements;
  • Ensure sponsorship guidelines are maintained;
  • Prepare an over arching high level sponsorship strategy for the season.

Knowledge and Skills Required
Ideally, the Clubs Grants and Sponsorship Coordinator has:

  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Previous success in grant submissions;
  • Previous experience in Sponsorship agreements;
  • A good understanding of the Club’s strategic plan.

Estimated Time Commitment Required & Period of Appointment
The time requirement will depend on the how many grants per year are available and the support resources available with WPQ. It may require between 2-5 hours per grant, a few hours each quarter to review sponsorship arrangements and a few hours per new sponsorship agreements.

Tools and Resources

  • Barracudas WP Sponsorship Proposal > Sponsorship > Marketing > Dropbox
  • WPQ Clubs Coordinator