Senior Coordinator

The Senior Club Coordinator is the primary point of contact for senior members of the Barracudas Water Polo Club and generally oversees the Senior Club competition.

Responsible to:
The Senior Club Coordinator is directly responsible to the President and the Management team and reports directly to the Club
Development Manager.

Responsibilities and Duties
The Club Coordinator should:

  • Recruit and coordinate coaches for the BWPI competition and with the Coaches and Managers Registrar, ensure all have
    appropriate accreditation and registration. In Division 2 and X-grade, coaches are generally players;
  • Liaise with National League Coaches regarding team lists for Division 1 and the Development Manager, Head Coach and Juniors Club Coordinators for allocating Juniors into the senior competition;
  • Supervise Sunday afternoon training – ensure a coach is available;
  • Brief the Pool Coordinator requirements for pool space for training;
  • Coordinate the BWPI team selections and distributes list to Website coordinator;
  • Supply administrative information to teams via Team Captains/Managers;
  • Be the point of contact for new players to the Club;
  • Regularly seek feedback from players regarding the workings of the season and provide input to the Management Committee;
  • Problem solve issues as they arise;
  • Be a point of contact for the BWPI;
  • Contact teams when there are forfeits;
  • Coordinate with coaches, managers and Trophy Coordinator award winners at the end of the season.

Knowledge and Skills Required
Ideally, the Senior Coordinator:

  • Can communicate effectively with all members of the Club;
  • Have good working knowledge of, or ability to gain knowledge, of the BWPI competition.

Estimated Time Commitment Required & Period of Appointment
The estimated time required is approximately 2 hours per week during the season.