State/National Event Coordinator

The State/National Event Coordinator coordinates the Barracudas teams participating in State and National Competitions.

Responsible to:
The State/National Events Coordinator is responsible to the President and the Management team and will receive direction from the Secretary.

Responsibilities and Duties
The position will be responsible for:

  • Coordinating team member, team coach and team manager selection;
  • Registering the team to the appropriate body (ie. WPQ or WPA);
  • Organising referees if necessary (generally for State tournaments only);
  • Liaising with Treasurer regarding budgets ;
  • On selection of team and manager, liaising with Registrar regarding the eligibility, registration and contact details of athletes and distribute to manager and coach;
  • Book flights, vehicles and accommodation for away tournaments;
  • Liaises with WPQ and WPA as necessary;
  • Ensure details of tournament are included on our website and social media outlets and encourage Managers/team members to submit photographs or articles to the Website and Social Media Coordinator;
  • Coordinating a brief review of each tournament and feedback on accommodation, meals, budget and any coaches/managers
    comments for Committee;
  • Collate and record results and any Australian/ State Team selections.

Knowledge and Skills Required
Ideally the State/National Events Coordinator:

  • Can communicate effectively;
  • Has good working knowledge of tournaments both local and National;
  • Has adequate computer skills to coordinate travel etc.;
  • Has the ability to meet specific time deadlines.

Estimated Time Commitment Required & Period of Appointment
The estimated time requirement required is approximately half an hour per week leading up to competitions with an estimate of overall time of 5 hours per local tournament (3 per year) and 10 hours per away tournament (3 per year).

Tools and Resources
Nationals State Competition Review > National State Comps > DropBox