Head Coach

The Head Coach oversees the Barracudas Water Polo Club’s coaching program and acts as a mentor to all volunteer coaches.

Responsible to:
The Head Coach is responsible to the President, Management Committee and the membership
of the Club. He/she reports directly to the Development Manager.

Responsibilities and Duties
This position:

  • Oversees the Barracudas Water Polo coaching program;
  • Oversees the allocation of coaches for all junior and senior teams;
  • Ensures there is an active awareness of the Coaches Code of Conduct amongst the Club Coaches;
  • Facilitates/participates at a Coaches Development Day at the beginning of the season;
  • Mentors all coach referees and officials development throughout the season;
  • Signs off on mentoring hours for new coaches seeking accreditation;
  • Problem solves coaching issues;
  • Ratifies State and National team coaches;
  • Supports the selection of State and National team members;
  • Will attend a training session when requested by the Management Committee;
  • Review the progress of teams mid-season and then again at the end of the season and give recommendations to the Management Committee;
  • Work closely with the Club Development Manager to ensure coaching strategies are in alignment with Club strategic objectives.

Knowledge and Skills Required
Ideally the Club Head Coach will:

  • Have vast experience in coaching and is well respected in the Club;
  • Understand the culture and values of the Barracudas Water Polo Club;
  • Have strong leadership skills with an ability to give constructive feedback;
  • A current coaching qualification at least of Level 1, but desirable to have level 2;
  • Have a current Blue Card or ability to obtain one;
  • Can communicate effectively and respectfully.

Estimated Time Commitment Required & Period of Appointment
The estimated time commitment required as Club Head Coach can vary throughout the season, with a minimum time of 2 hours per month and maximum 2 hours per week where required.

Resources and Templates

  • Water polo basic training reference material > Training Plans > Dropbox
  • Come’n Try lesson Plans > Training Plans > Dropbox